Friday, 30 December 2016

Christmas in Brighton

My good friends Daz and Stevie moved to Brighton last month and I mourned. Not because of Brighton (Brighton is very similar to Bristol - edgy and homey, so naturally - big love).

I mourned because I had lost one of my closest London girls as she is no longer in my vicinity (D lived a 15 minute walk away from me) and my North London crew went down a notch.

D and S did the grown up thing and bought themselves a gorgeous flat and decided to settle on good ol' Brighton. We made plans to meet up and enjoy a festive tipple and a good catch up over food before we all broke up for the Christmas holidays (the whole of December has been nothing but alcohol, mince pies and pigs in blankets. #Decemberwins)

D suggested a place called 'Food for Friends' - strictly vegetarian. Say whattttt? I'm not one of those 'ITS ONLY A MEAL IF MEAT IS IN IT' so I was happy to indulge in the restaurant of choice. So, let's crack on, shall we?


Grilled king oyster mushrooms (imagine pure savoury/unami flavour x 1000%) with chestnut and walnut rissole cakes. The saffron mash came with a rich red wine and cranberry jus - although this complimented the dish it was just a tad too rich...

Homemade ravioli with butternut squash and baby spinach with courgette and walnuts

Bad blogger - D ordered this starter but as a main but I can't quite remember which dish it was... (the purple thing though - beetroot with goats cheese. Oh yeahhhh).

We also shared a couple bowls of truffle fries (not pictured because we were all too busy scoffing and I forgot to take a pic of these! :(

After some prosecco and food we wandered over to the new abode where we had a few mince pies and a spot of Secret Santa...

...and for a spot of ukulele jamming - thanks to Vanessa! (I snapchatted whilst she was playing and it was awesome (tangyleeroy is my snapchat if you fancy a gander)

Ah, did I mention D has extremely good taste when it comes to interiors? These candle holders are beaut:

Everyone needs a bit of Diptyque...

Thank you to Liv for bringing these beauties (the super special ones from Marks and Sparks)

Now this - Chair goals or what? Daz picked up some chairs from an antique shop and reupholstered with this love.

I've never really thought about checking out antique stores due to my awful habit of impatience, so I always end up making a La Redoute/IKEA/Habitat order and be done with it but it seems that staking out the antique places pays off - D got this beaut of a chair for £25 -  a steal!

 The coffee table is a babe. (I have a bog standard IKEA one and I'm on the hunt for a new one...time to start looking in the antique shops? Any suggestions...?)

A perfect day... steaming mulled wine and catch ups with my girls - thank you Santa for my gift! (Secret Santa was between four of us but I have a good idea of who my Santa was...!)

This year I went back to Bristol to see the fam but more on that in the next post...!

F x

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