Saturday, 17 December 2016

Dil and Vic's Wedding


Who doesn't love a Winter Wedding?  Yesterday, my good friends Dillan and the ever so gorgeous Vic got married in South Farm, Cambridgeshire.

C and I had our work christmas do's the night before and I gave strict instruction not to get too tipsy, so we could be our best for D and V's special day.  

N.B. Must listen to own advice as I was drinking prossecco/wine/bucks fizz/and more wine from 10am to 5pm and passed out at 6pm on the sofa with Death in Paradise on the TV. Cam rolled in around 2.30am so needless to say my instructions were moot.

And so, Friday morning. The journey begun at Finsbury Park where we caught our train to Royston (we almost missed our train - caught it with 10 seconds to spare just before it pulled away. Running for the train = not a great look when you got yo' frock on and all).
A short hour and a taxi ride later, we rolled up at South Farm.

Where, they actually have a barn! Here are a few critters:

 So glad I wore my fascinator - love any reason to wear something a bit more fancy!

We were running a bit behind schedule due to the coach that was carrying half the guests from St Albans. Never fear - soon after, we were all seated. Seat selfie before the blushing bride arrived...


I present to you Mr + Mrs Y!

I've only ever been to one other wedding before that was a winter wedding and it was back in 2005. Back then I threw on a grim brown dress from Etam with an attempt to spice it up with my Jimmy Choos that I had saved up for months and months to buy (my shoe infatuation started pretty early).

This time round, I paired my Asos dress with black Louboutins and a grey scarf for the shoulders as it was chilly. 

Whilst C went for a new Hugo Boss suit in navy. He scrubs up quite nicely, eh?

(Accidentally took this shot but quite liked it in the end!)

Soon after we were ushered into our seats for the wedding breakfast.

Where treats were awaiting us...(the candy cane and wooden baubles are now decorating our tree)

 ...and as for the food?

D is of Sri Lankan descent, so they chose various Sri Lankan dishes to serve, which went down rather well - even for C who is quite picky about certain dishes!

Ah I thought I'd mention this lovely touch - this was a fab way to get everyone on your table talking - a good icebreaker!

Here was me:

and C:

I blogged about said Thailand trip here, if you were wondering.

The night before I flew was a fantastic night - drinks and gossip (it was actually the fatal mix of sangria, red wine and gin and tonic that did it)  but oh dear god I don't think I've ever been that hungover. EVER. Maybe another story I'll share with you in the future..!

It was almost time for the first dance and cake cutting...
ah, and my favourite wedding activity: Photobooth!
It wasn't after we took this pic that I realised the glasses looked photoshopped on!?

Soon after the photos, (and er, a quick run of the buffet) we realised that hometime was calling and we said our goodbyes and raced back to the station to catch our train back to FP, merry and full.

To a beautiful day, to a fabulous couple, may your love deepen with years to come x

F x



  1. This looks like such a beautiful day! The photos are gorgeous xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Sam! It was such a gorgeous day... x


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