Monday, 2 January 2017


2017 has arrived...Happy new year!

I'm not sure about you, but I'm kind of glad to see the back of 2016. I feel it's a been a wee bit of a rotter of a year as it has shown us that the impossible CAN indeed become the possible (and not in a positive way). Ahem, I'm talking about you, Brexit. Just when you thought that was enough of a blow, TRUMP HAPPENED. Sigh. 

It has been a year of up and downs for sure, and it led me to think about how the past year has affected me. During this christmas break I've had time to actually decompress and just chill, to reflect on things that matter to me and to realise what I want to focus on in the next year.

So - without further ado, here are my new year's resolutions. (Although, I hate the fact that resolutions always seem so formal and if you end up breaking or letting slip you end up feeling awful for doing so!)

Make time for my loved ones

My family and my friends are my lifeline. I see my immediate family quite often but I've realised as we get older, everyone moves away and our daily lives, jobs and other commitments can get in the way sometimes. This year, I want to see more of my cousins, aunts and uncles, who are located in every corner of the UK it seems, so it can be tricky getting us altogether in one place!

You have to put in the effort to see the ones you love I make an effort to see my friends as much as I can and end up finding myself booking myself in most evenings during the week. However, when it comes to planning for future meet ups I'm that terribly over-committed friend who always seems to be busy and it's impossible to book anything spontaneous because my diary is jam packed for the next 7 weeks. 

This year it's about allowing some free days to allow myself to just do random things, to be able to just pick up the phone and just make plans to see someone for the day. (Without having to plan 3 months in advance...boooooo!)

Make time for myself

And with that in mind, I also need to make more time for myself. To relax and chill. I mentioned I had a lot of time this christmas/new year to unwind and I've loved every second of it. Going back to work next week is going to be...OHMYGAWD NOOOOOOO. 

I've been sleeping in, reading, blogging, catching up on Stranger Things/Elementary/The Affair/EVERYTHING and trying my hand at photography and getting back into exercising and the gym after a couple of months of quitting it completely and it feels so great to just get the blood pumping and at least feel like I'm being more active and getting fitter! (If anything I definitely have gained on like 3kgs this winter...gahhhh)

I know I'm not going to become the perfect gym bunny, but I'll be happy if I'm sticking to it a few times a week. I'm not going to beat myself about it too much. After all, life is for living. (Not gymming and dieting, yah?)

Focus on my blog 

I've been blogging on and off for a few years now and I haven't been the most consistent blogger but since September I've really tried to post more often and have realised I really want to commit to my blog. I was so scared of sharing my thoughts and it's been a learning curve with allowing myself to feel that that's ok. If anything, this is just my slice of the internet to write and post up snippets of my life. My own little scrapbook for me to be creative. And that's just a-ok.

Save more

I don't feel like I have saved ANYTHING over the last few years. I've travelled a lot which has been amazing and it's something that you can't put a price on. However, with holidays and trips and my love for fashion, I find it hard to say no...(I'm talking about shoes, clothes, restaurants...ASOS and Topshop have a lot to answer for here!) I mean, yeah I have an ISA and all, but it's nothing to get excited over and I feel like I should commit to saving a bit more every month, for that 'rainy day'. 

Because, well, shit happens, right? A gal's gotta protect herself and if anything, I just want to feel a bit more secure with having more of a cushion.

Be brave

Be bold, girl. I get anxious a bit too often then I'd like to admit, sometimes in crops up in different situations - at work or socially. Sometimes a bit of anxiety helps, but at other times it just engulfs you. The type where it just cripples you and the anxiety stops you from doing anything. That's the bitch. Breathe and realise that it will be OK. You CAN do it. Life is going to come up with challenges and no one is going to give thing to you on a silver platter - realise that you got to work hard for what you want, you will have to deal with uncomfortable situations at times, but it will work out. It always does.

Here's to a fabulous 2017.
You got this, yeah?

F x


  1. All of these! xx

  2. These are such lovely resolutions - I totally agree, it's so important to make time for yourself! I wrote a couple too, take a look if you get a chance. Happy new year and I hope you have a wonderful 2017 xxx

    <a href="> The perks of being a hipster - New year goals </a>

  3. nice post, thanx for sharing, happy new year

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Happy new year to you! Frankie x

  4. It's funny you say that you want to save more, because I finally opened a savings account. (I'm in high school) I can't wait to see what the new year has in store for us both. Hope you have a great New Year!!

    - Avalon from

    1. Good for you, Avalon! Honestly, it'll feel so good when there's a little saved away just for those 'just in case' moments! Thank you for stopping by :) Frankie x


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