Friday, 27 January 2017

Borough Market, London

Borough Market. Last week I decided that I needed to brave the cold and head out to one of my favourite markets, Borough Market.

You can find any culinary delight here, lobster, sea bream, maybe perhaps an ostrich egg or two?
Most of the time I dread the crowds but the call of sexy olives and comté cheese was too much. Ah, I also needed my Monmouth coffee fix,, are you ready? Follow me on my best bits.

The first thing you can see in the market? ALL THE FRUIT. Rows of beautiful apples, oranges and lemons just filled high up into piles and take center stage. 

Surprisingly it hadn't been too busy ( got a bit sardine like an hour or so later!) The first thing C wanted was a chorizo roll which you can find here: Brindisa Chorizo Roll:

Anyhoo, back to the tour.
There were so many different stalls and shops - one of my favourites was this flower shop:

Tulips are the flower of the season at the moment so I'm taking the opportunity to buy every colour that I can to make the house seem brighter and more 'spring' like... (wishful thinking, huh?)

So when we walked past this stall, I cannot describe just how intense the smell was. Grilled prawns with garlic...the smell was enough to make you salivate. Sadly the queue was just too much (as you can see here...) and I gave up in an attempt to find coffee instead!

We walked past the infamous Maria's market cafe (they do good old english breakfast grub. Think bacon baps, sausage, the LOT).

Mum, dad - LYCHEES FOR £2 a pop. Enough said. bae.

I love these two shops, partly because whilst one of us always gets brownies, the other queues for coffee...and brownie of choice? Curly Wurly baby. Gotta be done.

Monmouth truly is on of my favourites for coffee, and there is ALWAYS a queue. I must have visited Borough market dozens of times and every single time the queue is mahoosive. Which is saying something...

You can queue up for the coffee to either drink in or to take away or, you can also buy the beans to grind at home at the front.

The smell...maybe that should be my next investment. A coffee machine..? 
After we have been caffeinated, off we went...

On the hunt...

...for cheese. Here, at The French Comté, they really do the best cheese. I would go for the 24 month just because the cheese is richer, and has a 'deeper' taste.

Ah, Bath Soft Cheese. When I realised I had been living ten minutes away from the farm where the cheese was made. I was driving back from Bath to Bristol when I spotted their farm in Kelston and I SLAMMED on the brakes. I couldn't believed I had missed out on this for years after driving past it and never noticing! It wasn't when I started visiting the West Hampstead Farmer's market back in 2013 was when I noticed their cheeses...they have three cheeses: hard, soft and a blue. And my god just get all three. Trust me.

One thing I also wanted - olives...! (The lovely lady on the stall was an absolute gem and gave me a recipe card on their pesto too).

There was paella on offer...

Incredible. We made our way over to the other side of the market to the cooked food stalls...

for more snacks and yums...(I hadn't eaten yet so was on my own hunt for lunch)

C bought his favourite treat: lamingtons (an Aussie cake - sponge with jam, dipped in chocolate and coconut)

I toyed with the idea of getting some spanakopita...

before settling on pumpkin filled tortelloni pasta..! (I failed here as C and I were so hungry I didn't get a pic..!)

We carried on eyeing up the goods that were on offer, marveling at the fresh produce.

Before we had some of that delicious raclette I showed you in my last post..! It was the perfect way to finish the trip. 

Let me know if you guys head there, send me a tag on Instagram!

F x

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