Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Weekly Round Up: 17th Jan

Why hello there!

I'm sorry this is post is late - I'm annoyed as my blog went down yesterday and I only got it back up and running in the evening as I would have been able to fix it earlier but I was traveling back from Ipswich to London...arghhhhhhh but I'm back!

I was writing this whilst having a facial sheet mask on and was struggling to focus as the nose flap keeps going into my nostril as I breathe (so glam...)

So, I visited my cousin in Ipswich over the weekend. L's just bought her first home and it is FABULOUS. Suffolk is a dream (we went to Bury St Edmunds yesterday) and even though it was a rainy weekend, we may have headed to Snape, the best place to go for organic food goodies and cute homeware. The place to head to if you are in Suffolk. Yah yah.

So, how was the first full working week for you all? Having to face FIVE full working days was a killer. Struggle town. But, on the upside, we did have some celebration drinks (someone's getting married) and I accidentally got tipsy on lots of prosecco which resulted in a very merry Frankie.

I've picked up a few goodies this week too which are making me oh so happy. You know that feeling you get, that 'new toy' kinda vibe? Yeah...that feeling!

Here were my favourite tidbits from the week.

Innisfree 'It's a real squeeze mask'

Face sheet masks are the bomb. Like, this winter has completely kicked my skin's arse. The heating at work has been cranked up, and that combined with the drop in temperature in London recently equals to a big no-no for my skin as I'm finding it's so dry and flaky (gah, sorry that sounded grim!) L always has the best choice of skincare (she showed me her latest Cult Beauty box and I oooohed and ahhhhhed).

She had a bunch of korean sheet masks that she bought when she went back to Hong Kong (seriously, she bought a surplus) and I chose the lime scented one and IT. IS. A. DREAM.
I've just taken it off now and my face feels as smooth as a baby's bottom. *Angels sing*

New Look Flower Embroidered Flower jumper

Ah, this baby. New Look have totally went up a notch in my repertoire favourite shops as I tend to think it sometimes has pieces that are a bit too 'young' but I'm wrong. So wrong. I picked this up after I had Nandos at lunch with my work girls (halloumi and portobello mushroom with peri chips FYI) and I fell hook, line and sinker for this beaut.

The funnel neck is perfect as I wanted a jumper that covers the neck (bye bulky scarf!) and also the floral embroidery is just on point. High five, New Look!

New Look Marble Gold phone case 

...So I may have picked this one up too whilst I was queuing at the till (those retail marketing people know what they are doing..!) and I succumbed to the marble prettiness and thought 'yeahhh go on then!'

I've been meaning to buy a marble pattern case but I hadn't found the right one until now. I just love it. Looking at it just gives you that 'oh it's so luxe' feeling. J'adore.

Oliver Bonas Decanter

I mentioned I was in Ipswich for a long weekend. You can't come to a new house and not give a little housewarming pressie...so this was my choice. A beautiful glass decanter with gold flecks. (Can you tell I love everything marble or gold at the moment?)

L's face when she opened it made it worth trekking from Finsbury Park to work, then from work to Liverpool St station and on the packed train to Ipperz.

It's sleek, classy and just all round, lush.

The exact decanter is sold out now as I bought it a while back but I've linked it to a similar alternative for you.

Oliver Bonas Marble Copper trinket box

L's currently in the process of decorating. Upstairs we have four different bedrooms and each room will be themed (hm..I might adopt this when I have my own house...) and I am currently staying in the 'copper' room. This little bad boy is on L's dressing table and it's just so so cute. Another housewarming gift from her friends and it's just so gorgeous. I don't think they have the rose gold anymore but I've linked to the normal gold version which is in stock.

My love for florals and marble will never die.

F x



  1. This is such a gorgeous selection hun– great post!
    Tania xxx


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