Monday, 23 January 2017

Weekly Roundup: 23 January

Howdy howdy people. How are we all doing? Did any of you make the Women's March yesterday? 
I've been feeling under the weather recently and unfortunately I didn't make it out, but it was so inspiring to see SO many women standing up in solidarity.
I'm shaking my head and wondering just how did Trump get to be President of the United States (sigh, I'll never know). This week has been a meh/slow/hard slog of a week... I can safely say that I have the January blues and all that, but I'm trying to staying positive! (I have a trip to Marrakech next week which I am counting down the seconds for) the meantime though, I've sought happiness in other things - here are my favourites from the week.

Monty (aka Mont Mont, Mont-ster, Monty Poo)

My little rascal. Whilst I am a bonafide cat lover (I never had one when I was a kid and I feel like I missed out and I'm desperately making up for lost time), I don't really show off Monty as much as I should. I can't tell you how happy we've been since we picked him up from Cats Protection back in June (C is a dog lover but even Monty has converted him!) Seeing Monty's face when I'm feeling down just makes me feel all mushy and well, a cat mama. xxxxxxxx


Ha. Man, this is a terrible shot of me (I was in a rush and on my way to the tube station, so quickly whipped out my bad!) 

But it's winter, and you gotta have a dark lip in the winter. My favourite at the moment is this deep brown colour. Not drying at all, which is a nice surprise. J'adoreeeee.

I bought this as everyone was telling me that this was the new 'Girl on a Train' and 'Gone Girl' and that it was a must read. I have to admit I don't read that often and I'm trying to be better (it's all that Vogue/Cosmpolitan/Heat/Glamour that I always end up choosing first...)

The protagonist is 15 year old Milly. Her mother, is a serial killer. (...Wtf, right?) Milly tells the police, reveals her mother's wrongdoings and is then given a new identity and is fostered into an affluent family where her sister starts bullying her and her secret past may be revealed...

I'll let you know how I get along but in all honestly I'm only on the first few pages as I split this ↑ glass of wine on the carpet and spent the rest of the night soaking it with bicarb and vinegar solution. Boo.


Molten, melty cheese on potatos. Oh lord. Last year I visited Gstaad which is in Switzerland and I never got the chance to try raclette (fondue only so I still had a cheese fix). I think it's only a winter thing (correct me if I'm wrong!) but ever since I've come back I've been dying for it. It's basically a semi-hard cow's milk cheese that is melted, and then it's scraped over whatever your heart desires (think potatos and meats) and I finally had my chance when I went to...

Borough Market

Borough market needs no introduction. Based in South London, this famous market has been open since 1014, making it London's oldest food market. We visited the other day just, because I had a craving for cheese, olives and a Monmouth coffee. Times like this, I'm so grateful to call London my home. (Even when I hate the tube strikes and crowds!)

Have a fab week...! 

Frankie x



  1. Give me all the racelttes please because it is heaven!!!! Nothing can beat melted cheese on potatoes! Love that lip colour on you x

    Denton & Lou 

  2. Monty is ADORABLE! I'd never tired raclette before, but I wanna try it so bad! Your week is literally full of awesome things!

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK's Dawn


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