Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Tomb Raider: Live in concert

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So I didn't plan to blog about this, but Youtube is a wonderful thing and I wanted to share - if anything I want to look back in time and think 'damn, this concert was AWESOMEEEE'.

Let's get it out there, I'm a video game nerd.

Ms Croft, my Playstation and I have been the best of friends since 1996 and it has been a (mostly) harmonious relationship over the past 21 years.

I have loved every single game that has ever been released (TR 4 not so much purely because of the is she- isn't she dead questions that came). The storylines, the puzzles and the character and sass of Lara Croft just makes the perfect combination of a great video game.

Ah, and the score. The soundtrack to the games are my LIFE. Every track (the scary theme that kicks in when you are fighting the T-Rex in TR 1, Level 3 - or how about the Venice track in TR 2?) Yes, I have full on NERD-ED out but Nathan McCree, the composer for the first primary three games really hit it out the ballpark.

In October I found a random post on FB advertising for, wait - could it be? My dream come true? For one night ONLY the Tomb Raider score was being performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra LIVE at Hammersmith Apollo!?

A month or so later I found myself on Youtube to find a couple of the tracks and stumbled across the BEST. THING. EVER.

Here is a little token of that night, just in case there are any fellow TR fans out there...


F x


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