Friday, 3 February 2017

Vancouver, Canada

Ahoy there! How is your week going? It's February (yay! We survived the first month of 2017...) Anyone else glad to see the back of January?!

Well, as it was January and it's supposed to be the month where you try and be good and declutter your life - in an attempt to feng shui mine, I decided to tackle my hard drive (it was that or my wardrobe and I think I would have had better luck with the hard drive!) and try and sort out some of my holiday photos taken over the past 3 years.

Blah. This sounds as much fun as sorting out the sock drawer. But, it is definitely one of those things you just have to do.

Firstly, when I plugged it into my Mac, my first thought was, what a mess. I really need to learn not just to chuck everything on there and I need to file and label things. One of the first lot of photos I tackled were from my trip to Canada and America. I went with my family last year in June/July and it truly was a trip of a lifetime. All the burgers and Eggsluts that were consumed...yessssss.

The chore of sorting out my photos soon became quite fun as I had forgotten half of the pictures that were taken and I was like 'Ohhhh my goddd I forgot about this one!' to ALL OF DA PHOTOS. I've shared some of my favourites here, if anything it's just an excuse because Vancouver is just so damn beautiful. (Thank you to my Canadian family for putting us up during the trip! Much love to you all.)

Here we go...

J and Aunt S took us road tripping through the woods. We decided to test out the river. (Freezing, utterly freezing. Don't let the smiles fool you...)

Hollowed out tree trunks the size of buildings...unreal.

We also checked out the Capilano Salmon Hatchery - you can have some of the best salmon in the world here, in Vancouver. Fortunately for these guys we weren't feeling hungry that day as we were more interested in the sights...

We stopped off and whilst taking selfies,  we couldn't decide whether this was a bald eagle or not...?

What do you think? This was seriously the closest we could zoom in...

Ha. Love this one. We took every opportunity to climb rocks and pull our best boy band poses...

I am so glad we were all able to fly together and spend time with the Canadian family, as the majority of us are now based in the UK. Our trip didn't stop here though, after a couple of days in Canada we flew out to Las Vegas, which is where our American road trip begun...

F x


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