Monday, 27 February 2017

Weekly Roundup: 27 Feb

Hello hello! I hope you have had a lovely week?

I wrote this post, squished into the quiet carriage whilst balancing the Mac on my lap as I was traveling back to London (I went to Bristol for the weekend for dad's belated birthday yum cha lunch) and feeling just a bit tipsy from one (I'm such a lightweight) cocktail at The Urban Standard as we had time to kill. A good Sunday I think?!

But, for the rest of the week? Mad.

I've been gearing up for work as the next week is going to be pretty intense and hectic (it's an annual event that always gets us all hyped up and pumped and I've been working furiously to try and get all my prep done before it starts) but it has been a long time coming. 
Last week I've been working hard to try and finish everything off especially as I knew I was heading back to Bristol over the weekend for some catch ups with the family and the girls. The perfect antidote to a hectic week I think...just what I needed.

Here were a few of my favourite things I've been spying...

I might be late to the puffa jacket game but I'm here, finally. I've wanted a puffa jacket but kinda felt I couldn't wear it without fear of looking like the extra member of All Saints, or sumthin'.

But, when Jenny and I dropped into New Look during lunch hour I found this gem within the sale rail. The only one left. For a measly £10.

A size too big but meh, it's a jacket, and it's puffa - it's supposed to be big! If anything it'll just enhance it right?!

You beauty, you. I've been teaming it with a black beanie, converse and black skinnies and my new yellow Fjallraven backpack. Hipster central. #soznotsoz

On Friday night, my sister, C and I caught the train back to Bristol to celebrate my dad's birthday but I also had my friend's birthday dinner to attend to on Saturday.

First up - I wanted to shout out this place, Wilsons - a local independent restaurant, located on Chandos Road in Bristol. I went to visit my girls Lauren and Emma as it was Lauren's birthday a couple of weeks ago and we wanted to try this place a while back but as it always seemed to be fully booked we never quite got round to it. We feasted on hake, truffle tagliatelle and polished off pinot noir (I know, red and fish don't go but I'm always going to reach for red!) and we finished off with some glorious tarte tartin with baileys ice cream. Yummmmmm.

Amuse bouche

I'm a bad blogger as I shouldn't be posting this if I can't remember what was exactly in it, but it was SO tasty that I have to make the exception. 

The amuse bouche was a 'surprise' item... (along with consomme) our waiter brought this out after we had ordered and explained it was fish, accompanied with dill and an edible flower (all topped on a charcoal biscuit) Good god, the power and flavour of this? Oh my... I think  I should go back again just for this little bite. I'm planning on having a dinner party soon and maybe these little amuse bouche would be a good idea perhaps..?


Ah my ladies. 

I love these two and we go wayyyyy back from our Urban Outfitters/retail days. Years have passed and even though I've moved away to London and don't get to see these two as often as I wish, when we do meet up we chat away for hours and gossip and laugh until our cheeks hurt. 

It also doesn't hurt that we all love to eat and and we love eating our way through Bristol's best eateries and ticking them off our bucket list! 

Love to you, L + E xxx

Fam fam

The fam. Dim sum is our favourite thing to do when we get together.

Dim sum and good company is always the best combination. It was lovely just to joke about and to chill and relax with my family over the weekend, (especially as I'm trying not to worry about how busy the next few weeks are going to be!)

The madness doesn't actually start until Wednesday though so I'll be finishing off my reports and trying my best to get some decent sleep in the meantime...(I will also try to remember my breathing exercises every time I feel like I might pop a vein or sommat.) 

I hope I survive this week...!

F x

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