Monday, 6 February 2017

Weekly Roundup: 6 Feb

Morninnnnng! Happy Monday morning to you. (Is it bad I'm quite chipper today?) It's 8.30am and I've got my tea ready, Classic FM on in the background and I'm ready to rock this week. It's going to be a busy day at work (sob) but let's be having ya. #focustime

Last week I was mainly catching up with pals and eating wayyyy too much food (seriously, I'm feeling like a slug at the moment and really need to be getting my butt down to the gym).

Actually in saying that, Sharn and I are heading down to the Fitness First for a 'Shred' class tomorrow. At this point I'd like to mention the only thing I like to 'shred' are my bills.I hope I survive tomorrow...gahh! I've got my favourites from last week so here we go...

'Hamilton' The Musical

Last week on Monday 12pm, EVERYONE was either a) tweeting/facebooking/snapchatting about getting Hamilton tickets or b)furiously staring in process of getting Hamilton tickets or c) feeling smug because they got Hamilton tickets. I was all three. I'M GONNA BE SEEING HAMILTON! Ok, to be fair not until March 2018. Sigh. But I got them! (My bank balance is looking SO sad and empty at the moment, sigh.)

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The Jar Kitchen

I caught up with Nene last week at The Jar Kitchen and we caught up over the usual: boys, life and work over glorious glorious food. We'd been meaning to visit Jar Kitchen for a while and we finally made it and we weren't disappointed. We had a platter of lovely greens and salad, the monkfish bisque and the duck. Jar Kitchen sources their grub locally and also serve Monmouth coffee (even in their pannacotta...!) And...*duh duh duhhhhhh* you can actually book a table! (A rarity amongst London restaurants, nowadays).

Vagabond, Finsbury Park

Oh coffee, sweet coffee. At the moment I've been loving Vagabond's Flat White.

I know flat whites aren't special anymore (remember when they came on the scene in 2009 and evereyone raved about them), and Vagabond has been a Finsbury Park stable since 2011. But, here's a special shout out because hands down, they always create the perfect flat white. (I like mine with half a teaspoon of brown sugar...bliss).

Many a times their flat whites have just sorted me out in that need of a perk. Also, they do lovely avo on toast.

Androuet, Spitalfields

I've walked past this restaurant (you can also buy their produce inside) so many times and I've felt sad each time as I've always had to give it a miss because it's always rammed with a huge queue and I'm either passing by or needing a quick food fix where I don't have time to queue. This restaurant specialises in all things that are cheesey - we are talking about, raclette, tartiflade and the ultimate fondue. The perfect place to head to if you are feel like you want a bit of cheese in your life.

I finally got to try it out yesterday when we met up with P & T. As soon as the tartiflade turned up (see below) I knew we were in good hands.

The fondue didn't disappoint either - we went as far as picking the crusty cheesey bit at the bottom of the pan because it was that good. (Don't judge us, pleaseeee?)

Grey ombre hair

This look. So beaut. I've been on the fence for about a year on whether I should make the jump and dye my hair again. I used to have the ombre look but more blonde/ash blonde and now I can't stop thinking about the grey trend.

I met up with a colourist yesterday to talk about the process of bleaching and how long it would take. As my hair is SO dark, we are probably talking two rounds of highlights before we get to apply the toner... should I make the commitment? Decisions decision... either way, grey hair is just on point.

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What do you think? Should I do it..?

F x

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