Monday, 6 March 2017

Weekly Roundup: 5 March

Hello and happy March! 

I am buzzing at the aspect that spring is just around the corner (21st March is the official first day of Spring) and I can finally be rid of the winter coats and scarves and start wearing my lighter tops and maybe a skirt or two (even though I have my central heating on still, is it bad that I'm still using a space heater to warm up sometimes because it can get that cold...?!)
So, how has your week been?

Work for me has been hectic but the week of work events are finally over and I can (fingers crossed) get back into my normal routine. Although, saying that, I'm flying to Copenhagen next week with C and my mum, and then I'm flying out to Cannes for work straight after Copenhagen, so it's still going to be busy for the whole of March!
I'm going to try and take it all in my stride as I can burn the candle at both ends quite easily. I've tried to take it easy over the weekend and I've been enjoying the simpler things, a good coffee, a trip to the museum...scroll down, you'll see what I mean.

Monty (shrimp pose)

Monty in the 'shrimp' pose. During last week, I was having a rotter of a morning and was feeling a bit meh about everything and then I got this snap from C (who was working from home that day) and everything was made right.

Don't ask me why, but it doesn't matter how blue I'm feeling, every time I see a happy Monty, my heart melts.

 Holborn Grind

C and I headed to the British Museum on Sunday as I had realised I hadn't ever visited since I had moved to London. It's one of those 'oh I'll do it next weekend...' things but I just thought, oh sod it. Why not just go and see it? But before we headed over there, we needed one thing: caffeine.

My office isn't too far from here and this is my favourite spot for a catch up with friends over an espresso martini after work. Holborn Grind is the little sister of 'Shoreditch Grind' (also a must if you are in East London) is close to the museum so we stopped here for a quick fix. The interior is amazing (can someone buy me those stools pleaseeeee).

Crocus flowers

After our coffee stop we headed through Bloomsbury Square Gardens towards the museum. On a very rainy and grey day, the flowers at the end of the gardens were a beautiful surprise. If these don't scream 'spring' to you, nothing will!

British Museum

If you are in London, I'd recommend going early as it was so busy by the time we got there around noon. You can spend the entire day in the museum but we only managed to work through the Egyptian and Greek rooms. The Rosetta Stone was one of the most impressive and important items I saw. Wiki can describe it better than I can, but basically, the Rosetta Stone allowed Egyptian Hieroglyphs to be deciphered. History was not my strong subject but I couldn't deny that this piqued my interest!

Friday night vibes

Friday night ended up being the greatest way to finish off the busy week with dinner with old friends (and new!) at Tom's Kitchen at Somerset House. Afterwards, a very merry three took a snap (or ten).

Court was flying back to Egypt the next day and I don't get to see him anywhere near as much as I would like, and I'm counting down the days until the next trip...

F x


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