Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark

A few weeks ago, C, mumma and I went to the lovely city of Copenhagen. Why Copenhagen? Well, my good friend Tats spent a lot of time here a few years ago as her ex lived here and even though the relationship didn't last - her love for Copenhagen did. 

She always waxed lyrical over the food, the interior design stores(the Danes have great taste), their style, the architecture and the general oh-so-cool ethos Copenhagen just seemed to ooze, and er, did I mention the food?

Getting here was relatively easy, (apart from Luton airport being a drag...bleurgh) we arrived quite late on a Thursday night to our lovely Airbnb and met our awfully nice and accomodating host, Claus. (He waited as we were a bit delayed getting to the flat from the airport).

We made some plans for the next few days, a hitlist of what we wanted to see and where we wanted to go and explore.

The next morning started at Cafe Gavlen where we filled up coffee, pancakes, sausages and some lox (that's smoked salmon to you and me) with some pickled cabbage and some dill cream cheese. It sounds odds but my GOD it was delicious...


What I didn't count for was just how COLD Copenhagen was going to be (some of the locals told us that a few days before had been lovely and sunny and felt like 'spring'...alas, I seem to bring bad weather wherever I go?!) so here is my 'I'm trying not to freeze' pose:

I've heard about the famous Torvehallen market before (T had told me this is THE place to go if you want good grub) and it didn't disappoint. They had EVERYTHING here...no joke. But more on that later, as we had to make our way for a cruise along the Stromma canel.

A snap of beautiful roses on offer at the market...
Before boarding on the boat, we stopped off for a few snaps in front of the buildings in Nyhavn.

The cruise was a good shout as we learnt more about Copenhagen and it's history and were shown the sights. We caught sight of the opera house and the infamous The Little Mermaid statue just before the heavens opened... after our cruise finished we wanted to head for shelter for a nice cuppa and a catch up - we headed towards Papirøen, (Paper Island) which is a street food market and the place to go if you can't decide between cuisine...

After we had warmed up over a brew, we chatted for a while, about mum living in Ireland before she moved over to the UK, and about her time working in the restaurant back in Ireland and also finding out more about our family history; things that I had no idea had happened before and I realised that, even though we weren't doing anything touristy at that particular time, sometimes it's moments like this, that mean everything.

We decided to brave it outside once the sky had cleared, over to the main hub to try some of the food Papirøen had on offer...

Yoko Ono's Wish Tree Garden

C's choice? Ahem:

I eyed up the tiramisu....

Mum and I shared a platter of korean fried chicken (it definitely wasn't that photogenic though, soz) and afterwards we decided to walk back to the flat to have a bit of chill time before we headed back out dinner.

On our way back from Papirøen, we came across this beautiful floating house: 

Please can I have it?!

Where was I... ah yes. En route to our flat, we stopped off at Superlove, but sadly soon discovered that everything was slightly too out of reach for my budget...wah.  They really do have the most gorgeous collection of jewellery, accessories and shoes - if you fancy a holiday splurge, this is your spot.

Once we got home, I decided to watch the rain and indulge in some work (terrible right? I had a week long work trip to Cannes the day after I got back from Copenhagen so I had to do some prep).

The strawbs we picked up from the market perked up the afternoon though, as well as indulging in the Scandi design our flat had to offer - even though our flat was small it was so beautifully designed and wonderfully furnished, it made me appreciate just what you can do with a smaller space. You don't need to have vast space in order to make your mark on things. 

See what I mean about the design? Just so effortlessly cool.

Later on in the evening, we took mum out for some of the best burgers in town at Cock's and Cow before crashing out in our beds, getting our rest for the day ahead.

I mentioned the market before, but we only had time for a couple of fleeting visits, once to look at the flowers and then a second time just to pick up some of those strawberries you saw. 

This time we had a bit more time and I went photo mad: Flowers, bread, fresh fish...cockles, oysters, you also had alcohol, and all sorts of fruits and veg. You name it, they had it. 

Everything seemed so appealing and delicious and just looked so tempting (we only took hand luggage so just brought back some delicious cheese otherwise I would have filled up the suitcase to the brim)!

I may have over helped myself with the blood orange samples (we ended up buying a huge bag of oranges from them so it's all good) but how could I resist? Just look...

 Once we had our fill of the market and bought our goodies, (mum and I also stopped off for a bite of sushi at Sushi Lovers).

We headed to the main bit of town and decided to have a look at The Round Tower (the Trinitatis Church too, which was also joined to the tower).

The observatory is called the Rundetaarn, and it was built in the 17th century, it seems. It is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe.

Mum wasn't that keen on the height (or the climb up) so C and I had a small and windy walk all the way to the top.

Where we were greeted with a beautiful sight - Copenhagen, proper.

And right at the top of the tower was the masterpiece: I'm a bit of a space nerd and I can only wish to try this out on a clear, starry night.

We had such a fantastic time exploring and taking it a bit more easier because mum was with us. C and I love to jam in everything when we go on city breaks but realised sometimes it's just nice to just wander around getting lost in the city - it's all an adventure, right? If you haven't made any plans for the summer yet I'd fully recommend Copenhagen - 10/10. 

I'm now trying to work out when I can go back - when it's a tad warmer and I don't have to wear ski gloves perhaps..?

F x


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