Wednesday, 24 May 2017

May Catch Up

Hey hey, firstly I'm sorry for the quiet front recently, I've been snowed under and I've been a bad blogger!
I'm back now, so let's get a brew on and have a catch up, shall we?

I've been keeping myself occupied by escaping away from London every chance I can it seems... (for the last month I've been to Burley, Wales, Brighton and a wedding in Slovenia!), seeing friends and family and generally keeping myself busy.

I do love catching up with everyone when I can and I've felt truly grateful for my friends and family for keeping me grounded when I get stressy. Here are some snaps that have reminded me of some good times over the last few weeks...


I'm really bad when it comes to reading, so I do try my hardest to try and pick up at least one a month. This month, I'm getting stuck in with Domina, by Lisa Hilton. I read the first book by Hilton, titled 'Maestra' when I was on holiday last year and it was an interesting read. 

It's filthier than Fifty Shades of Grey and there seems to be a designer name drop on every page, and so far, Domina doesn't stray too far from this either.

It's a guilty pleasure read but I haven't been able to put it down...

First things first, I hate not having a car. I know I don't need one but I really wish I had my car again just so it's easier to see my family more as everyone is split all over the UK. I hadn't seen my aunts who live in Burley and as we were treated with plenty of bank holidays, C, my sister and I headed down to New Forest for some time away from London and we had a very relaxed (and slightly boozy!) long weekend..nothing but solid family time. The best kind of time, if you ask me! 

We went on a last minute road trip to Milford-on-Sea to forage for sea kale and had ourselves a feast for dinner...the wind was absolutely mad, as captured below: 

The last time I saw Daz was way back in December and I promised I'd come back down for a sleepover - we drank glitzy drinks (my espresso martini was cooled with dry ice ohhhhhh) at The Grand Brighton, ate fish and chips and sat on the beach gossiping and catching up - and the best bit? An all night Xbox sesh. *Gamer nerd in me died and went to heaven. 
Love you lots, girl x


Paul's last night in London

After two years living in London, C's best mate and his girlfriend had to head back home to Australia. If I'm honest, I was pretty cut up about hearing them having to go back, especially when we used to live together as well as going on trips and holidays together, it was like losing two partners in crime. 

C had bought this bottle of wine for Paul's birthday last year and he very generously decided to share this with us over a good steak on his last night as we reminisced about the last couple of years.

Miss you already guys :(

Bun House

The last time I saw Eri, we had such. a. blast. I don't get to see Eri as often as I would like to but when we do meet up there is a flurry of babbling, we always end up chatting about everything, jumping from one conversation to another and I will always be crying out with laughter after a night with Eri.

On this particular night we tried out Bun House, which serves up,'s all in the title. Don't worry about trying out the main restaurant downstairs, all the bun action you need is on the top level (it's more casual and you can take the buns away with you).

It's been a fantastic month so far and I hope the rest of the month is equally as awesome!

So, I mentioned I went to Slovenia this weekend, didn't I?
I'll be back with more pics from the weekend soon...Thank you for stopping by and reading :)

F x


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