Monday, 1 May 2017

Rome, Italy

Oh's been a long time coming! 
Ever since my school days of learning about the Romans I've always had a fascination about Rome.

And well... as low brow as this is, I spent a lot of my time playing Tomb Raider 5 where Lara spends a lot of her time killing people/animals/mythical gods in the Coloseum and from that point, I was hooked.

The last few trips we've made have been amazing however the weather has always been sorta, well, sucky. We were blessed with ah-ma-zing weather this time round and I'm currently nursing a burnt neckline (note to self: always, ALWAYS wear sun lotion).

Where do I even start? Everything about Rome was incredible. Italy is definitely the country for me if we are talking about a cheeky European getaway and Rome certainly didn't disappoint. I've probably gone a bit overboard with the photos but I can't help but not share!

We landed late on Thursday after work and when our Airbnb host met us, I was just SO glad to be able to dump the bags and just flop myself on the huge bed.

We had a list of all the things we wanted to see and revisit (C visited Rome 15 years ago )

Everything including Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and the list goes on.

There was just so much to see. Rome is bustling with fellow tourists and it can get a bit too busy at the most of times so it's always good to seek shelter at a bar with a glass of prosecco or two!

Rome was founded in 753BC which would have made it Rome's 2770th birthday (on Friday 21st). The event is known as 'Natale di Roma', and there are various events that are put on around Rome's birthday weekend. We were lucky enough to catch the main event,  the costumed parade where hundreds of people gather, all wearing authentic costumes whilst parading through the city.

Everything about Rome just seemed to have a story attached to it. I know that we have our own history here, in the UK, but I was completely dumbfounded at the idea of how much history has happened here (and just how old everything was). From the temples and churches that were built, the politics that occurred during the Roman times and of course the scandals.

I also wore my new favourite trousers (guess from where....) which did a fab job of hiding all the pasta bloat!

I wore this whilst we visited the Vatican city (we only managed to make it into the Vatican museum and we queued up for 2 hours...this sounds like a long time but it usually takes up around 4 or more hours in peak season!) Sadly as the queue was MEGA LONG for St. Peter's Basilica we ended up just admiring from afar...

Here were a few shots of the things we saw once we were inside the museum... (of course, we also saw the Sistine Chapel, but photography is strictly forbidden so pics sadly...

Whilst we tried to see everything, we also just enjoyed just roaming the streets and soaking in the sun.

One of my favourite things to see was without a doubt was the Colosseum.

Rome is also home of the carbonara and we had to try it out... along with the rest...!

We stocked up on some Moretti

and of course gelato! (We visited the legendary Giolitti).


Rome, you were truly incredible.

F x


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