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Hey there!

I hope you are all having a great bank holiday so far! The weather has been so beautiful this week and we've been lucky that it's continued over the weekend so far, I'm off to a family BBQ in Birmingham tomorrow and I'm hoping the rain holds off...(my app says it's going to rain and then go back to being super sunny, yay!) 

Fingers crossed... 

I've been chilling for most of the weekend so I've been catching up with my blog posts and photos (along with A LOT of Netflix and chill). I really wanted to share my pics asap - Slovenia was one of the most beautiful countries we've ever visited.

If you like nature, Slovenia is right up your street. 
Lake Bled was possibly the most prettiest, idyllic place I've been to, it was that beautiful.

So, our plan was to fly into Venice and pick up the hire Audi to drive down to Piran, where our friends were getting married. We had a couple of days after the wedding so we road tripped it to Croatia as well, but more on that later.

First things first: Slovenia.

During the wedding, some of the guests had told us that Vintgar Gorge was a must see. Jackie (one of our Melbournian friends) had flown over for the wedding and wanted to come along for the road trip - the more the merrier! 

Cue car playlist: 

We had already planned to go to Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge was only 20 minutes away from Bled so we thought we would stop by to check it out.

This was the perfect chance to try out my new wide angle lens that I bought a few weeks ago.

The colour of the water looked almost unreal,  just look at how blue it is...!

After Vintgar Gorge, we made our way over to Lake Bled, but not before grabbing a bite to eat at Sova (I can't take credit for this, this was Jackie's excellent random selection, it worked out very well!)

We feasted on risotto, prosecco and topped it off with chocolate bomb...oh hubba hubba.

Bellys full...we decided to head to the island.

We took a ride on one of the 'pletnas' (wooden boats) to get across. The pletnas have been around for centuries, taking visitors in to the island. Once you reach the small island, you climb the stone steps (the steps killed me!) to reach the Assumption of Mary Church. Sadly as we visited on a Sunday, we couldn't go inside as it was closed for Mass.

The island also has a church bell which was stunning backdrop.

We walked around the Island, catching up as we hadn't seen Jackie in a while since we last went to Melbourne, if there was one thing I regret, I wish I also took off a few more days of annual leave so I could have seen more of the area (there was also a zip line ad when we drove past on the way here which had my name written. ALL. OVER. IT).

I really can't tell you just how pretty Lake Bled is, it's a must see and I can only imagine how picturesque it would be in the winter. C's is still in Slovenia so I'm pretty envious...

Jackie was staying at a hotel nearby as she was staying in Bled for a couple of days whilst we headed back to Piran as we were driving to Croatia the next day.

In the morning, we went into Piran town for a walk and a wander.

C wanted to climb up the hill, but as I was wearing mule heels that day I decided to be sensible, skip the struggle and just chill out by looking out the Adriatic Sea.

C's view:

And mine..? Can you imagine a more relaxing view?

I can't wait to I share Croatia pics with you..getting there though, didn't go as smoothly as planned.
But I'll tell you more next time!

F x


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