Monday, 19 June 2017

Pula, Croatia

Remember when I went to Slovenia? Well, everyone told me that if we had the time, we should make the trip to Pula, Croatia. Pula was so pretty, however our journey to get there, was less than fun.

Most of the time, I'm quite good at traveling. Most of the time. I've become quite good at packing last minute, navigating from the airport to our AirBnb etc but on this day, trying to get to Pula was just...everything went wrong. 

Firstly, we tried to check out the town of Piran (where the wedding was taking place) before we left and realised we didn't need to drive into town, we could have just walked from the resort (this was after we had paid a hefty parking fee and having to walk a long way into town).
Secondly - we had to stop off at border control between Slovenia and Croatia because I wasn't sure where I'd left my passport and C only found it after desperately rummaging through all of the bags, and just when we wanted to give up on the whole road trip idea, we thenn realised...we left stuff in the hotel room. (We only remembered after we had crossed the Slovenian border into Croatia.)

Talk about a nightmare day! 

Luckily, after I called the hotel and explained what had happened, they managed to grab our things and put them aside for us so that we could pick them back up later (again, thank god we were driving to Trieste in Italy as I was flying back to London that evening but it meant we would have to detour back to Piran to pick up our stuff).

Anyhoo - let's get going with the post. Pula.

Whilst nothing will beat the view of the Coliseum in Rome, Pula's amphitheatre The Arena was also pretty spectacular. We rocked up hungry and a bit weary (after the morning's events) and had fresh fish and pasta and prosecco before exploring the town. We only had a few hours in Pula but we made the most of the time we had.

Here were a few of my favourite snaps:


Until next time...

F x


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