Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Germany Road Trip

Neuschwanstein. THIS beauty of a castle, is what started the road trip holiday idea.

I've seen my fair share of castles whenever we go away on holiday and normally it's C who's dragging me around, in rainy and miserable weather, whilst I'm kinda half taking it in. (What can I say, I'm definitely not a history boffin!) I'm normally trying to figure out what we should have for dinner... but not this time.

Earlier this year, mum said it would be so great if we could all get together to go away on a family trip as our last proper family trip away together was ages ago seeing as me and my siblings are all working and have moved out of home.
But first things first.

The most trickiest bit was deciding on somewhere that we ALL were happy with.

Dad - doesn't like flying too far due to his super bad airplane sickness.
Alex - doesn't want just chill time, preferably have some fun stuff to do.
Mum - nowhere that's too hilly.
Me: Crying out for some sort of summer sun OR to go somewhere to see pretty things.
Cam - Beer.

In the end, I decided Germany was the best place as it hit our criteria. The food - meaty and carby - excellent. We were going to a few different places and not just sticking to one place, which was good for Al. The local beer was sure to be a hit with C. We decided to road trip and hire a car, so no strenuous activity for mum, and it was only an hour and a bit flight time for dad.

And for me... Neuschwanstein.

So, a bit of background.

Neuschwanstein is the castle that Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle was famously based on... and I remember seeing it in an article a few years ago and just taken aback by just how stunning it is... it made sense.

I googled local towns, things to see, and the plan had become more clearer...to start off in Munich, (because none of us had ever visited), and we would get the car and go on from there.

First stop was Munich, where we went to the Viktualienmarkt, a daily market with everything you need...food, groceries, drinks, flowers, you name it. We had a few steins and even mum and dad finished off a radler or two!

C suggested we check out the Munich Residence, where we had the chance to have a look at the museum, and the treasury as well as the theatre.

I have to admit that this was the only day that we had sunshine...the rest of the trip was sadly as rainy as you'd expect in London!

There was one thing we couldn't miss, and that was the Hofbräuhaus.

Pretzels, people wearing traditional outfits and personalised steins and live music? This wasn't one to be missed. It was the first time we had tried pork knuckle as well....

Our day in Munich was lovely, however, an early night was needed... Cam and I had to wake up early to go and pick up our car from the airport and drive BACK to Munich to pick up the fam before making our way to Hohenzollern castle.

We drove for what felt like FOREVER, (I'm pretty sure it took us around 4 hours as there was an accident on the autobahn which delayed us...seriously, the car was upturned when we finally drove past the scene of the crash...(hope no one was hurt!?)

 The next day, we made our way to the the first of two castles, first up was Hohenschwangau.

and of course, after a short bus ride up the hill.... Neuschwanstein.

Imagine just how stunning the castle would look in the winter in the snow...

Snapping C's portrait on Marienbrücke (the bridge that overlooks the castle) was probably one of the hardest things to do on this trip (we must have been with a gazillion other tourists all vying for the perfect shot of the castle...!)

Afterwards we decided to head to a village called Füssen for a spot of food and for a walk through this Bavarian town.

We settled into our Airbnb on our last night and made our way to a local restaurant to be treated to a right show with some traditional german slap dancing!

On our last day, we decided we wanted to head to Ettal, to see the Linderhof Gardens. Sadly, we really don't have much luck with the roads as the main roads to Ettal were closed which meant we had to take a detour...it was absolutely chucking it down with rain whilst we were driving so you can imagine how chuffed I am when we parked up and the sun came out...


You see my camel coat? It wasn't too warm or too chilly so this coat is the perfect inbetween go-to piece!

(Thank you to the sexy extra 25% offer La Redoute had going on!)

We then stopped by to feed the swans and ducks...

Have you ever seen a garden that was this pretty?

 Mum and Pops 

 I must have instastoried the hell out of this place as I couldn't get enough of it!
Have a look at my instagram  here!

 We headed back to London that evening, but not before we took a lot of group photos as a memo of our trip... we laughed our asses off (Alex and I like to play tricks on each other - usual sibling behaviour!), ate our weight in bratwursts and schnitzel and saw some of the most beautiful sights Germany had to offer.


We wish we just had a bit more time to see as few more villages and also to revisit some of the sights we missed (Schloss Lichenstein, I'm looking at you...)

But, it gives us a reason to head back right?

Until next time,

F x

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