Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Venice, Italy

Hey guys, I'm sure you know by now that I am horrendously late in sharing my pics. 

I try my best but sometimes time gets the better of me and I forget I've got a batch of snaps just waiting to be uploaded and shared. 
Well, in keeping with that tradition, today's post is going to be a throwback post. All the way back to August 2015, to the time we visited Venice for our anniversary...for a spot of pizza, prosecco and seeing the sights!

First up, before I swoon to you just how amazinnngggg Venice was, a quick warning. BRING mosquito spray. We went and visited in August bank holiday and oh dear GOD were we bitten like mad. Also, to add to that, if you are checking into an AirBnb, DO check whether the place has aircon or not. It WILL make a difference, and it'll save any heat induced arguments with your significant other. (Ahem, C forgot to check if the flat had aircon or not, and only after we met with the host, got ready for bed that we discovered that ah, nothing.)

 Nada. Niente. No aircon.


Right then, a magazine-used-as-a-fan-method, anyone?

Our long weekend was utterly stunning, even though Venice, with no doubt, is one of the most touristy places on earth, but it was also so easy to just go down a random street where there would be no one, free to take a snap or two without trying to be elbowed out the way by a fellow tourist, and simply just to walk and soak in the atmosphere.

Two years later and I still think about this particular trip so fondly, and I'm considering booking us a quick weekend trip in November, it'll be less touristy and cooler then but I'd be interested to go and visit Burano this time round as we didn't get the chance the last time.

Now of course I would recommend getting a gondola, its expensive but it just worth it. You get to see Venice from a different angle and if you are lucky (like we were) the gondelier will give you a taste of the oh so classic Italian serenading...

Of course, anywhere you go, will be good. Foodwise, I mean. Nowhere we went to was 'meh, it was alright I guess' - it was ALL delicious. We went to visit this place where you could overlook the Grand Canal..come on..just, look:

What a view huh? Venice at night is also, not too shabby.

In the daytime, it's wise to head to the Rialto market if you want fresh produce if you want to try your hand at cooking the local cuisine...

But honestly, when a city like this is so beautiful you would want to just stay out all day and night!

I can't rate Venice enough...it'll always hold a special place in my heart. Even if the mozzies were going crazy. 

F x


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