Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Colour of the season: Red

I can't think of a more sexier colour, than red.

Imagine this, a chunky knit, paired with black skinnies and to finish off, some red ankle boots that just go POP to complete the outfit. All the YES.
We've had a mild autumn so far, and it's still been quite warm up until today. Whilst I was walking to work I thought hm, Yah. 

Definitely should not have worn the ballet pumps. (Time to be pushed to the back to the wardrobe I think...)

So, I for one, cannot wait for the autumnal weather - my uniform for the season is generally jumper, jeans and boots.

Last week I was waiting around to meet a friend for dinner, and had a few minutes to burn, so made the stroll over to Zara and I made eyes with the most sexiest boots I've seen... red, shiny with a kitten heel...a bit daring, perhaps? 

Thought process: 'Oh, they are SO bright, is it a bit much..? Hm...maybe I shouldn't, oh screw it. Work appropriate, right?! How am I going to wear these?! I MUST HAVE THEM.'

Since I've bought these babies, I can't help but notice that red is EVERYWHERE.

I've made a board with a few of my favourite pieces, just to share my love for red. I hope you love them, too.

(I did in the end ended up wearing the boots to work. Paired with a white men's shirt and some black skinny trousers - told you I'd try to make it work!) 

F x

1. Red suede boots, Whistles, £169
2. Vagabond purse, Urban Outfitters, £60
3. Jumper, Ganni (so sorry, by the time I posted it was out of stock!)
4. Earrings, Topshop, £14
5. Heels, River Island, was £40 now £20!
6. Ankle boots, Zara, £25.99
7. Skirt, Topshop, £34
8. T shirt, Topshop, £15


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