Friday, 6 October 2017

September Round Up

I don't know why, but I swear this year has FLOWN by.

How on earth is it October already?

Normally I dislike this time of the year, (I associate September and October as the cooler, dreary months) but this year, I've embraced it.

It's still warm-ish (!) and the leaves are definitely falling, but I've really loved wearing my chunky cardies and my jumpers (even if it means I'm sweating by the time I get onto the tube!)

Isn't there something beautiful about the red and golden tones in autumn?

September has been the perfect month to rebuy a new wardrobe. Any excuse, right?

Seriously, its so so bad but I've loved buying EVERYTHING from Topshop, Asos, Mango, Zara...and I've also been investing in jewellery. I normally just buy cheaper pieces that always end up looking a bit knackered and off colour, so I've decided to buy a few pieces that are a little bit more spenny, but will last.

I've been baking a lot too, fruit loaf, carrot muffins, banana loaf (and I still have a whole lot of recipes stashed waiting for me to crack on to).

Source: Running with Spoons

I've been feeling more inspired to cook healthily (hello Jamie Oliver's new cookbook)

Source: Penguin
and I've been enjoying spending quality time catching up with my best friends and making new memories!

Of course, and spending time with family (as you can see from our family trip to Bavaria here).

I've also been feeling positive at work too as I've been writing more and I've been getting into the grips of my new role and everything just feels...good.
Roll on October...whatcha got in store for me?

F x

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