Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Do we just have too much choice?

Wow, after a few weeks off from the blog I am itching to get back into the swing of things.

It's been a bit busy over the last few weeks as my cousin came and visited from the States, and so, as we do in our family we decided to take her round various cities in the UK where we are all based and it's been so fab spending time with her!

C and I went to Rome for the weekend too (I know, we went back in April but loved it so much we wanted to fit in a last minute visit before the Oz Xmas trip).

I got lots of photos to share in my next post...!

So now I'm chilling and writing this on a Tuesday evening over an episode of Mindhunter (so. fricking. good.) with a warm chai tea latte and all is good. Right, let's go.

Last week, my friend and I were having a light hearted chat about where would we live now if we weren't living in London, as we got chatting, we got more heavy and with a topic that should be lighthearted, it actually ended making us both think about things wayyyy more deeper than planned, and made me realise that there are SO many factors that play into adulthood.

If we ever were to leave London, we've have to think about EVERYTHING.

Things like job, salary, friends, family, partner... they ALL have a weighting on the decision.

But it made me think....
1) When did we get this much choice?
2) How do we know when we are making the right choice?

When did adulting become this hard?!

Someone bring me back to being 19 when the biggest decision I had to make was choozing between sambucca or tequila?! (Tequila btw, always wins).

I feel like, it's fantastic that we have so many options, but how do we know when we are making the right decision?

How do we know IF we make the right decision?

I keep wondering what would happen if I were to settle in Bristol and keep thinking about what my life would be like there, and then at the same time I'd think about what if I move to somewhere completely different like Brighton, but then get overwhelmed when I start to think about what type of work would I find there, how far would I be from my family, and generally just start to get bogged down with all of these choices.

Bleh. How do we overcome this? There's only one thing we can do.

Listen to yourself. Block out all the noise and just LIVE for the now.

You will eventually have to make that decision, whether its moving to a new city, or going for a new job, or even something like starting that short story that you've been meaning to.

Ultimately, the right decision will be the one you end of going through with, because it's the decision that you have made that was right for you at the time, and have faith that it will work out.

And to remember that, even though there are so many routes we can take, we have to stay true to ourselves and remember what is important to us. No one else.

It's definitely something I'm trying to remember.

F x


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