Thursday, 2 November 2017

October Round Up

Hi lovelies, so it's November. Actual November.

Where has this year gone?!

Although it's almost the end of 2017,  there's still lots to look forward to. (Rome in a couple of weeks and then our christmas trip to Oz is next month!)
My October has been a chilled and mostly quiet one, the last four weeks have given me the time to get back in touch with the gym, visit friends, cook and bake a lot more, and it's also given me the chance to catch up with the 14 books I have stacking up on my bedside table.

Generally, I've had the chance to just, stop for a moment and just enjoy my free time (which inspired by recent post about wellbeing).

Here are a few tidbits of my month...

On most mornings I normally have a really rushed breakfast, scoffing a yoghurt or a banana, so on the weekends I love to just take my time to have something a bit more filling - dippy egg and soldiers are my new favourite thing.

All you need is: Eggs. Bread. Butter. Marmite. GO.

A few weeks ago I took C out for a touristy river cruise down the Thames, and it was SO. MUCH. FUN.

Albeit, I did hear a couple of Americans yell out in dismay that Brits love to queue and that they totally didn't get it (if you don't like it, lump it - it's a british thing, yah?)

We started off near the London Eye and cruised all the way down to Greenwich where we stopped off for a pint pit stop.

The tour guide on the ship was also a Southhhh London boy and gave us plenty of banter.

It was a great way to see the city!

I managed to have THE best chai tea latte. And it's from Beans and Barley, in Haringay.

It helps that this cafe is a good size (no more being squished in with other brunch goers) and they do the most amazing lunch (halloumi brioche yessssss)

Thank you to my good friend Vanessa for introducing me to this joint so I no longer need to head to Starbucks everytime I want a chai fix...!

Wine + friends = good times. FACT.

The best kind of nights are the ones that are unpredictable, where you aim to just have one at the pub after work, and you accidentally end up ever so slightly boozy and merry...

Going for long walks are my thing, it seems.

On the days where I just can't muster the willpower to get to the gym (I blame the fact that it gets dark at like, 4pm. Meh. It makes me want to get home, and curl up with a hot water bottle!)
I end up compromising, skip the tube, and then walking home instead.

It takes around an hour or so to walk from the office to my flat so I use the time to zone out, catch up on the podcasts I've subscribed to, and just take the time to appreciate the city.

Over the weekends, I've been going for walks through Finsbury Park where it's just LOADED with leaves at the moment, and it's been great appreciating the outdoors and enjoying the red and yellow tones - autumn, it's good to see you've finally arrived.

Tell me what you have been up to?

F x


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