Monday, 27 November 2017

Rome - Round 2

You know when you just have a special place that just grabs you? For me, it's Rome. 
Everything about it, the food, history and architecture is enough to get me packing my bags.

C and I had some leftover birthday money saved away for a treat weekend and on our hunt for cheap flights, we sought out our joint favourite: Rome. 

We did toy with Venice, (we visited back in 2015), but Rome is what the heart wanted.

This time though, we only had 2 full days as we only arrived in Rome on Friday afternoon, and we had planned to fly back on Sunday in the evening.

Still, we were determined to make the most of it and make this trip a little more relaxed and take it a little easier... (we still averaged around 25,000 steps so maybe not as relaxed as we had planned...!)

As soon as we checked in to the hotel, C mentioned that we were right next to the

Also known as, The Mausoleum of Hadrian. I've never been hot on night photography but I wanted to have a go... what do you think?

It's hard not to take a picture of well, everything...!

 We stayed near the Piazza Navona, as it was one of my favourite sights on our first trip.

One thing that I can't get used to though, is how narrow the smaller roads are - I flinch every single time a car drives through!

C wanted to see the Baths of Caracalla, but it was on the other side of Rome to where we were staying...40min walk? Go on then. Least we can take a few snaps along the way, right?

When we got there, O.M.G.

The sheer size of the ruins, were incredible. The Baths of Caracalla were a place for the Romans to meet up, socialise and also, more obviously, bathe. You could also work out there too, before enjoying the different baths they had to offer (they had a cold, warm, and hot bath).

As we were close, we had to stop by my No. 1, The Colosseum.

As we were visiting in November, the light was completely different to when we visited last time (in April). We were working with shorter daylight and long shadows,  but I still think the pics came out ok, and it was fun experimenting with my camera settings and working on the composition of the shots.

Ah, Piazza Navona.

As the sun set, we chilled out in our suite before making the way down for dinner and drinks.
We opted to go for drinks here (Bar Del Fico). And dinner was SO good on the Friday, we ended up going back here again on the Saturday night (Da Francesco).

We really aren't morning risers, however as Rome is always bustling with tourists, it's hard to have the freedom to really nail that shot. After a LOT of convincing, I asked C to come and take some shots with me early in the morning (although, we got up at 8am, so it's not that early for some people, but damnnnn it was early for us when we are on 'weekend trip' mode!).

We took pictures of our beloved Piazza Navona before trying our luck at The Trevi Fountain.  Definitely a lot less people, but there were still a few groups there, who had already set up tripods, the lot!

Also, the magnificent Pantheon.

I need to start getting up earlier, you certainly get much more done! After our picture session, I went for a jog around the Piazza (certainly beats the gym!) and after we checked out we went for a walk around the Travastere neighbourhood - thank you to Vanessa for the suggestion!

We decided to take a walk up to Villa Borghese, Rome's largest open area. This was one of our favourite spots to take a few portrait photos, and the viewpoint was second to none...

We loved Rome so much, it's just hard to fit in new sights and return to all the favourite ones too... maybe I can fit in a third visit soon...?

'Till next time, Roma x

F x


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