Monday, 11 December 2017

My favourite winter beauty products

It's been a while since I've done a beauty post, and with the weather being SO cold (we had a snow day yesterday in London for the first time in what seems like forever?!)it seems like the best time to have a show and tell as these 5 little products have been my go-to in the chilly weather recently!

I've got a little mixture of stuff here for the hair, eye and face.

I've recently had my hair chopped (have you seen a pic, here?) and I've been enjoying the different ways I can play with the texture and the different styles I can put it into now that I've cut off around 7 inches!


Firstly, we have the Ouai dry shampoo foam.

Now, I don't know about you but my hair is quite fine, although I have a lot of it, it definitely needs a bit of a perk up after around the 2 day mark after washing. I use dry shampoo (good old, trusty Baptiste) but I heard very good reviews about the Ouai hair range and wanted to dry something different.

Thanks to my Asos voucher, I managed to snag this lil guy and couldn't wait to give it a try after a gym session.

This, is a game changer. BUT, it seems really counter intuitive at first, as mousse are well, wet?
It's not the usual powder/spray as we normally see in other dry shampoos so it can take a couple of goes getting used to it.

Ok, so here goes.

Apply it to the roots where you need a 'oomph', apply the mousse and rub in, UNTIL DRY. Don't leave it in without rubbing in, take your time to really work it into the root and for some reason it

Bye bye grease and helloooo fresh hair!

I recently got this multi-use cream in the recent MyLitteBox (who are going to stop sending boxes for the foreseeable future).

Mixa can do everything. Face, hands, body, everywhere.

Scent-free and it just locks in the moisture. I've been using it on my face for an extra moisture hit because my skin has been taken a beating to indoor heating recently! (Love a nice, toasty, room BUT my skin gets so dry so it's a tough compromise!)

I love using it on my hands too as it's not sticky, and I find that it lasts and stays in your skin for a while, whereas with other creams I find can be absorbed and I'd need to go for a top up quite frequently.

Next up, this little guy not only looks fab (I utterly love the orange/white combo of the packaging) but I love applying this cool, gel like cream to my eyes in the morning before I put on my eye make up.

I find that it preps my eyelids, and it doesn't make my make up slip, so that I look like a panda.


I love this lip balm. (Well, it's more a see through gel...)

I know it's not really intended for this use, but I love using it on top of lipstick to give my lips a slightly glossed look, but not too much.

I don't think I've worn lipgloss since I was 17 and love it, but I can't be arsed with the hair-stuck-on-lip situation anymore so I'm a fan of lip products that give a 'lipgloss' sheen, but without the stickiness!

Also, it goes on so smoothly, it's lovely to apply.

I was really lucky this year to be treated to the Liberty's Advent Calendar as an early christmas gift by C.

One of the products that came inside of them was this Aveda volumising tonic.

I love Aveda as their products just makes my hair feel so soft, and just great
I first knew about Aveda years ago when I severely overbleached my hair and the colourist suggested a tube of leave in treatment (since then I think it's been discontinued) but it truly was my life saver.

Another time, I stayed in an hotel where they had their mini rosemary and mint shampoos and conditioners and I was needless to say, I was a convert.

Back to the tonic... I adore.

I spray the tonic into my hair, shaft and roots and turn my head upside down to rough dry it, and it just gives it an extra bounce, and makes your hair look, effortlessly done.

Tell me what are your favorite things to use in your routine right now?

F x


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