Monday, 4 December 2017

November Round Up

Ahhh it's December - finally!
The month of mulled wine, crepes and cheesy crimbo songs have begun...

Sorry this post is a few days late, my November has been a busy one with lots of travel, and work has been mad!

C and I are off to Australia for christmas this year so we've been planning our trip and buying christmas gifts (seriously, I'm such a keener, all gifts were bought for by the first week of November!)

We are off on the 16th so we are starting our christmas hols early! I'm looking forward to seeing our friends and who live in Sydney as well.

Anyhoo, here are some snaps of my November...

Enjoying a roast with the family in Witney was the best!

Cousin V lives in the States, and she's currently on a Europe tour. (Lucky thing!) We wanted to give her a tour of the UK and showing her our traditions before she went on with the rest of her journey, starting with Witney, then a walking tour round Oxford.

This was her first ever roast - a success, I think! As always, a weekend full of laughter and food is THE one.

Turkish Eggs.

Oh man. Is anyone else watching Nigella's On the Table on BBC 1?

Her recipes are SO good, and pretty easy too. Seriously good. Nothing beats a poached egg and sourdough toast! Here's the recipe if you fancy a go!

I took Cousin V to Bristol and Bath to show her my neck of the woods, and we couldn't get enough of the street art.

I sometimes forget just how much street art there is in Bristol, and it was lovely walking through Stokes Croft and showing V what Bristol is about, and showing her some artwork by Banksy.

The most beautiful leaf pattern on my cappucino. No clue why this grabbed me, it just did!

 A shot of Bath Abbey, (so so rainy but still so beautiful!)

I'm enjoying going for jogs on the weekend and much prefer running outside than in the gym - this was taken on our Witney weekend away and it was fab taking a break after a jog to appreciate the river and morning sun.

Rome was a highlight of my November, and it truly is one of my favourite places. You can check out the full post here.

I got the chop!

Right after our Rome trip, I was just getting a bit fed up with my hair - it grows quite quick so I always get into a rut where I'm sick of the length and getting it trapped under my bag straps so after we landed in Rome I booked into a cut and a few days later, ta-da!

I had a colour job planned as well the day after the cut as I've always wanted to have a grey colour job...It's going to take a few more goes as my hair is so dark, but this was the result after the first round of lifting...whatcha think?!

I hope you all had a fab month, and are gearing up for the festivities!

F x


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