Monday, 22 January 2018

Melbourne, 2017

The Melbourne crew, I love these guys, they were the ones who made our trip so memorable 💛.

In total, we spent a grand total of 13 days in Melbourne, so this post is a mish mash of snaps that I'd taken on my Canon and my new toy, the Olympus Pen 8. (I'm using the standard kit lens at the moment though as it's my first Olympus and am still getting used to the functionality.)

This post is a bit more of a mash up of some of the things we went to see/ate/did during the trip, so I'm sorry if I jump around a bit on this post!
So in these few pictures below, C and I decided that a walk through the botanical gardens one afternoon however, as many Melbournians have warned me, 4 seasons in 1 day... the weather took a turn for the worse so we sought cover in the greenhouse.

Taken with the Olympus.

One thing I did whilst we were there? 


Literally, everything. It helps that Kirsti was there to tell me about all the must eat options Melbourne had to offer!

My favourite dish of the trip? Poke bowl from Poke the Bear. (That juice was also amazing but after a 30 hour journey and eating nothing but stodgy plane food meant I was so grateful to have some real greens and veg!

Of course we had a few naughty things, too (salted caramel and mint choc from Billy van Creamy). We also had butterbings, a ice cream sandwich cookie thing - pure heaven).

We managed to go on a road trip, and decided to drive out to Kyneton, a small town where we came across Duck Duck Goose and Larder, a fab store/cafe where I stocked up on local aussie candles and lunch.

The freshest ginger and lemon tea

If only I could squeeze in more candles in my luggage, I would have happily bought the entire shop!

The last pictures were taken on a winery tour, where we managed to stop off at some of Melbourne's best wineries (and the odd gin distillery chucked in there, too!)

Until next time...
F x

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