Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sydney 2017

Now before I get all excited about 2018 and start sharing my resolutions...I wanted to share a few (OK, I lie = a LOT) photos on our trip to the beautiful Australia.  As some of you may know this isn't my first time (I've been twice before, once in 2013 and again in 2015).

We had a lovely time celebrating the last of  2017 by spending it with the Aussie family and friends...

 A break was needed in all honesty as work was busy and I was in need of some serious sun!

We spent the majority of our time in Melbourne however, this time we made plans to see our friends in Sydney who had emigrated over in 2017 and when we got there...DAMN. 

Sydney knows how to live the good life.


Cute little cafes, serving up the perfect flat white along with the perfect avo.


And the beaches... I love Melbourne but one advantage Sydney has is the fact it has SO many beaches and all of them, are pretty damn spectacular.

We only stayed for a couple of days in Sydney as we flew out on the 21st and we wanted to be back in Melbourne in time for christmas eve so we flew back on the 23rd. 

Ian and Joe took us round their regular haunts, we feasted on korean fried chicken and gelato at Gelato Messina (dangerous as it's so close to their apartment...) 

They also showed us their fave beaches on our last day before our flight back and this one, called Castle Rocks was by far my favourite.

Me trying to work my way through Tina Brown's autobiography.

Manly Beach was also one of the beaches we visited. C and I headed over to Manly by taking the scenic route (aka by seasick inducing ferry) and when we arrived, we walked past the most beautiful ocean pool (Fairy Bower Pool).

Of course, we managed to take some obligatory touristy shots (C was not as enthused as an aussie native!)

Sydney, you beauty, you.

It was such a short and sweet trip, we were lucky we could squeeze it in our trip, especially as we had a lot of family and friend events happening in Melbourne, but if anything, Sydney's up there on my list of cities and I can safely say we will definitely be revisiting!

I hope you can stay with me over the next few posts, I got some lovely photos coming and I  can't wait to share them with you...

F x

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