Wednesday, 21 February 2018

A trip down memory lane

Last weekend, I put myself on a train to visit Lou in Ipswich for an overdue catch up and good times. 

We also treated each other to a spa day for christmas so after a day of being pampered from head to toe, it was safe to safe we definitely weren't going out, and instead opting to have a night in instead, making cottage pie and lots of strawberry ribena. 

Honestly, at 29 this is my idea of a great night. 

Don't get me wrong, I do LOVE a night out, but they come far and few now, especially as I can't handle lack of sleep/hangovers as well as I used to!

So for now, bring on the hot ribena and Netflix.

Lou and I got talking about how we much prefer staying in then we do heading out to a club, and found ourselves reminiscing about the times I'd rock up from London and we'd head out in to  Ipswich town before ending up in Vodka Revolution (dear god), laughing about our bad fashion choices, and the laughs we had whilst dancing to 'Hot in Herre' by Nelly...(classy night, that!)

We got talking about the photos we took and how I've archived them somewhere in the pits of my harddrive and I couldn't resist having a dig.

And I'm telling you, I found some right gems, pictures and videos taking over the last 5 years that I've forgotten about (or deliberately tried to forget!) and I couldn't help but feel warm and fuzzy about the pics I found. Honestly, I must have spent 3/4 hours looking through the harddrive, and each time I'd see a picture I'd forgotten about, you'd hear a 'OH MY GODDDDDD I REMEMBER THISSSSS!!'

Each one brought me right back to the moment when the picture was taken and it reminded me just why I bloody love photography. 

Yesssss everyone mostly rolls their eyes of me because I always stop and take pictures and people groan when I turn the camera on them, but.. honestly, to me, it's worth it.

Resharing memories is a true joy, and I wanted to put a few of my favourite pictures from the last five years. 

Here we go:


2013 sometime(?): I honestly have no clue what date it was when this picture was taken. All I remember is Mik had come to London to visit Vicky and I, (having a casual but lovely dinner at Bills) and just remember taking mildy tipsy snaps and Mik saying how scary she found the tube and London in general. You can take the girl outta Bristol...

June 2014: Paris Ah, one of my faves. Sharn and I had a whirlwind trip to Paris, which you can read about here.

But looking back on old photos I wondered, 'how did I forget about this one?'

This snap made me realise it makes such a difference putting on a nice outfit, even a swipe of lippy can make all the difference.

Memo: I need to make more effort when I pack for holidays...

August/July 2014: At Aunty J's and Uncle A's house mucking about on the garden swing... (Falling back in love with this pair of Nike Air Max and the pastel green jumper I got on sale from Topshop (wish I hadn't given the top away but ah well)

2014 London Fashion Week A/W: Kimmy and I at on a early morning during London Fashion Week (I remember the yummy brunch we had at Blues Kitchen after!)

2014 Sept: Cows! En route to Glencoe in the awful diesel Vauxhall, Isaac and I stopped off and took snaps of these beauties

July/Aug 2014: Aunt J's again, but on a different day, again - loving the swing.

June 2014: Paris brunching

June 2015: Whiteladies Road: Court's snap of me anxiously waiting for my burger. I remember being pretty hangry here...

July 2015: Me enjoying a tipple at Mik's wedding. Fascinators are the best. I need another wedding to go to so I can wear it again...!

As above: The Bristol girls - so much love.

We do love a haystack!

Mik's farm being the perfect backdrop for her wedding

July 2013: Joining Eri for a bite at Shake Shack - this must have been in the first few weeks of its opening in Covent Garden - we queued but those cheesey chips were worth it!

November 2015: Showing C my neck of the woods and my old haunt, Bristol Lido

November 2015: The Roman Baths are stunning. I lived in Bristol for so long without ever setting foot in here but we had a free day to ourselves and spent the afternoon learning about the Romans and savouring each word from the audioguide (seriously, I love a audioguide, you learn so much more from them!)

May 2016: Ah, Italy, Cinqueterra. Italy has my heart, many many times over.

September 2017: A more recent addition, taken in Munich, Germany. An accidental shot taken by C, but I still love the end result.

June 2014: Sharn was visiting London, and on this particular sunny Sunday, what else is there to do but ride through Hyde Park?

July 2014: Taken in Shoreditch. I remember rushing back from Bristol after seeing the family and I had tickets to go to a talk hosted at The Hoxton Hotel and Tats and I decided to be very 'Sex and the City' that day.

July 2014: Having my make up done because I was an extra in an David Attenborough documentary that was being filmed in the V&A museum. This was a great day as a few of my friends were also extras and we had a blast!

August 2014: Vick and Stephen's old house in Rayne's Park - a fabulous party and if I remember, Tats and I were going to stay for just a few hours...yeah. Right. A few hours quickly turned into an overnighter and T and I made a very long journey back to West Hampstead the next morning where we had a very interesting situation bumping into her ex...

No one should bump into their ex on a hangover. Just sayin'.

September 2015: My good friend, Isaac (and me), taken in Glencoe, Scotland. Although Isaac was hit a serious bout of flu, this trip was a blast. We saw mountains, drank from the river, skipped stones and taking a million photos because Scotland is so damn beautiful. Who says I don't do nature?!

Paris (with Sharn): Disneyland is the shit. Like, seriously. Call me basic, but I love Disneyland.

November 2015: Lou and me, riding a tuk tuk in Thailand

July 2013: H + A. I'm sure A is going to kill me when he sees this... but I love this pic

May 2015: The first proper night out with P + T. We started off meeting Tats and the gang in Kings Cross and then somehow ended up in..Camden?

May 2015: Cotton, taken at Columbia Flower Market

July 2015: Holly and Flo's wedding - one of my all time favourites

August 2015: Ohhh we do love a hotel stay! Holly hooked me up with the best room in Babington and it was amazing. We played Cluedo, went for a walk in the gardens and ate way too many scones the kitchen had on offer. And don't get me started on the Cowshed goodies...I had a massage there and it was amazing. Heaven on earth, this place.

July 2015: John Lennon wall, Prague. I woke up at 8am (no make up, hence the shades) to take this photo as there were no tourists. Yup. I am that person. Worth it, though.

January 2017: Marrakech. I wish I had worn something nicer...but this place was insane. So beautiful.

October 2014: Me and the lift heading up to Duck and Waffle. C and I thought it would be a great idea to try out Duck and Waffle. At 2am. What we didn't anticipate was that it would be an absolute BALLACHE to try and get into town - buses were packed, the tube was having issues and I think we finally managed to get there after THREE buses.

But after the maple duck leg, all was redeemed.

July 2013: T and I jumping into the sea, Split, Croatia. This is one of my favourite holidays of all time. Not only was Split utterly gorgeous, but the company was also fab. I had heard S was going with a bunch of her friends from home and I was newly single when she mentioned it and thought, you know what? Bugger it. Be a Yes woman. 

And so, fast forward a few months later and boom. Croatia. And it was mad. 

I turned 25, had an awesome and very drunken birthday. We flirted, we boozed, we had a lot of laughs, and partied until we dropped but most importantly we made memories. 

Oh, and that photo I was talking about earlier, the one before we headed out to Vod Rev?

 Found it!

Here's to taking more photos and making more memories x

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