Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Chinese New Year 2018

Hey chums,

So what's been happening recently?

I feel February has zipped by and can't believe we are in March in a few days time! I'm looking forward to Friday because we are going on holidayyyy! Iceland awaits us!

I'm pretty keen on getting some awesome pictures and fingers crossed (and toes!) that I'll get some shots of the Northern Lights...

 Anyhoo, back to Feb. My parents stayed with us over Chinese New Year weekend which is always one of my favourite types of weekend because it means two things are involved: chinese food and lots of laughs.

Normally it's just my folks that visit, but my brother came up too this time. When we get together, my stomach hurts from laughs and stupid jokes we have (whilst our sister looks on rolling her eyes at how silly we are but also definitely 100% laughing along!)

So I knew I was in for a right treat of a weekend!

Mum and dad thought it would be a great start to the weekend by having a dim sum feast in Chinatown, where we were greeted by lion dances and cheering.

I also was pretty pleased with myself for picking up this shirt by Ganni (in the ASOS sale for £24!!) and thought it would be the perfect time to wear it and pair with my new over the knee boots!

After lunch, we dropped mum and dad off to the Chinese performance show before heading to Camden so bro could get some airsoft stuff (I feel like I was a bit out of my depth when I stepped into the store...)

Instead, Cam, Helen and I went to a bar nearby for a beer and a catch up before heading home to a lot of Xbox, dinner (we made steak and mash) and chinese dessert...

I also took the family out to Greenwich on Sunday as I mentioned there was a exhibiton and mum said she had never been before.

Greenwich is one of my favourite spots. You have the market there, architecture, the observatory (I love space) and we went to check out the annual astrophotography exhibition.

We had a fun day walking around and showing the family around, Alex also managed to have a go on my Olympus and we played around with composition and I've had a go at editing some of the photos. What do you think?

Greenwich is the perfect place to take pictures as it has amazing backdrop opportunities.

A wonderful weekend, but it went by in a flash (like most weekends do sadly!)
I wonder where I should take them to next time they visit...

F x


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