Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Iceland - Part 2

Iceland Part 2, as promised.

One of the main things I wanted to do when we booked the trip, was to check out the abandoned navy plane wreckage on Sólheimasandur beach.

Previously, the landowners used to allow vehicles to drive right up on the beach to get to the plane, but over time, people had started to neglect and damage the beach and the landowners made the decision to limit vehicle access, so now if you wish to visit the wreckage, you need to walk around 4km each way to get to the beach, where the wreckage is located.

We braced ourselves for a long and windy, cold walk...but when we arrived, we were glad to see that there wasn't any wind that day (partly because we were covered by the dunes!) but in fact, with our walking boots and heavy goose down jackets, it was actually quite warm by the time we got there!

And because the boys were walking ahead of us, H and I were nattering away, we didn't even notice the time go by!

Before you knew it, we had arrived and managed to take some of my favourite all time pictures.

As the site is a popular one for fellow tourists, just be patient, most people are respectful of one another and don't 'hog' the plane! Allowing for you to get snap happy.

Although saying that, there was a guy who decided to pose for what felt like an eternity,  by first, climbing on top of the plane, and then posing in various positions. Time went by and he was obviously taking the mickey a bit as there were numerous people now waiting patiently to take photos of the plane at this point...

When we thought he was done with his shoot, he proceeded to move into a different pose on a different part of the plane and it was clear everyone had had enough of him.

H and F were braver than I was and gave the guy a good telling off!


We managed to fit in other sights too, like this one: Skógafoss waterfall

And as we were on our way to stay at Nonhamer, but decided to stop off at Svínafellsjökull glacier.

I've never seen anything so enormous and magnificent, just walls and walls of ice...

Of course we stopped for a few snaps... (maybe not like these two people we saw who actually risked their lives by walking down to the bottom of the glacier...too risky and not recommended!)

Before we knew it, the sun was setting and we were on the race to get to our cabin for the night before dark.

We spent the night cooking spag bolognese, and playing a rip off version of Cards Against Humanity, and chatting late into the night before catching a few Z's before heading off the next day, as we were heading back to Reykjavik.

In the evening, we tried out the Lewbowski bar in town (burger, chips and a drink for £20!) but I guess it was better than our dinner at the beginning of the trip where we had decided to have a fast food fix so we headed to KFC. It ended up being £26 for two people (!!).

We loved our hotel, (we stayed at Skuggi hotel) as they include a delicious breakfast buffet so we definitely filled up each morning! We had our last breakfast buffet of the trip and headed out for one last drive before we flew back in the evening.

The weather took a cloudy turn, suddenly we could see why Game of Thrones was filmed here...

Eerie, much?

As we were driving, the guys had found there was a tour nearby, our initial plan was to go ice caving after we left the cabin but the organisers had to cancel the trip as the ice cave was partially flooded, so the guys were keen to do a cave tour.

So, we braced the cold once more and got ready for our last activity and we finished off the trip with a tour of a lava tube cave...

Sorry there weren't many photos here, it was so slippery and dark I was scared of slipping and breaking the cameras! 

Our tour guide was pretty fun, giving us tidbits about Iceland and about the cave (of course). He led us all to the bottom of the cave where we were asked to close our eyes, and once everyone had done so, the guide turned off his torch and we were asked to reopen our eyes - imagine the deepest, darkest of black... 

Apparently humans can only spend a short amount of time in darkness, and too much of this can lead to hallucinations... so not scary at all then!? 

Still, the others were chuffed we did it, whereas I was too worried about slipping around on the icy steps!

Soon after, we realised we were a bit rushed for time as we needed to do one last drive back to the airport and waved goodbye to Iceland, vowing to make our next group trip as fun as this one!

This trip was one of a lifetime, and I only wish I could go back to try and take pictures of the aurora.

We managed to catch the aurora on the second night but as it was very faint, sadly I didn't manage to get any pictures! Flo managed to take a few on his camera so I'll try and get them and upload them here when I have the chance...

There is nothing like watching it in real life though, so Iceland is a must-do!

Until next time.

F x


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