Thursday, 31 May 2018

Pompeii, Italy

I've got a bit of a short(ish!) post, but I still thought it would be nice to upload these pics.

Even though we wanted to escape to Italy for sun, sea and pasta, as a group we wanted to have a mixture of relaxing time, but also dotted with some activities.

A few of us had mentioned the city of Pompeii and I had always been fascinated with Pompeii and Roman history in general, so this seemed like the time to finally cross it off the list (it's been on my list since school!)
Although contrary to what I could remember at school, the Roman city of Pompeii and it's inhabitants weren't immediately engulfed by rushing lava, gas and ash, but in fact, historians now suggest that they would have died from the extreme heat.

Pompeii is an incredible archaeological site and I struggle to grasp how well certain parts have been preserved.

It's truly a must-see if you are staying in or around Naples. (It's very easy to catch a train to Pompeii!)

In fact, there is a another town called Herculaneum (Ercalano) that is even more well preserved than Pompeii so it's worth a visit...!

We pounded the old streets of Pompeii, discovering and learning about the site.

and taking group selfies...

Here was an entrance to someone's home - 'Cave Canem' (Beware of the dog). An incredible mosaic entrance that's had been well preserved.

A short post indeed, but I wanted to share and to be honest I'm not sure pictures can do Pompeii justice - it's definitely one to see in person.

Until next time,
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