Sunday, 17 June 2018

Phone reel, Italy

As much as I love taking proper pictures with the camera, sometimes its quicker (and safer!) whipping out the iPhone to capture the moment.

Here were my favourites from the trip...

Getting in the mood on our flight over

 Appreciating the Italian sun - when we arrived at our villa.

Italian tiles - perfection.

V + S 

 I was serious when I said I wanted to enjoy the sun!

 Pistachio gelato in Sant'Agata 

  Waiting for our boat to arrive at Sorrento.

Living our best life speedboatin'

C and I sharing a moment....with Flo looking all, serial killer-y  (LOL)


Sigh. I always ruin the photo, huh?!

Our treat of the week (a treat among many other treats!) at Don Alfonso. Laura knows the guys who run the restaurant and booked us a table where we were treated with the most decadent, 8 course meal. I've been to a few Michelin restaurants but this place was unreal. They weren't awarded three stars for nothing... 

 From the amuse bouche all the down to the petit fours.. incredible.

We were treated a tour of their wine cellar which held bottles over 100 years old.

They also had a part of the cellar which housed super expensive SUPER smelly cheese... we were told that a part of the cellar used to be an old escape route from the residence which dated back to the 6th century..BC.  BC..!!!!

They had little footstools for bags...attention to detail, here!

I had worn my favourite trousers for dinner, and it turns out someone had something planned up his sleeve...

He put a ring on it! (H told the staff at Don Alfonso who brought out a special surprise for us - on top of ALL the courses we to say our stomachs were bursting by the end of the night!) 

C proposed in our villa which overlooked the Bay of Naples and it was perfect. After lots of tears we rejoined the guys who were waiting in the other terrace with drinks and that's when we celebrated in style at Don Alfonso!

The next day we went to the spot where C called my parents and took the obligatory 'ring' shot.

One of the best trips I've ever had, hands down.

F x


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