Friday, 21 June 2019

Noosa, Queensland

We visited Noosa back in March as it was a belated birthday present from C, and it was definitely worth the wait.

 Noosa was unlike anywhere I had ever been before, and the atmosphere was incredible. The food scene was unreal too, and we had no idea. It didn't matter where you went, every cafe, restaurant was just on point. The only thing that tripped me out was the sea - turns out jellyfish are definitely a thing here (especially in Queensland!) and it proved I was too British and too scared to go into the sea - nah. Just not for me, I'm afraid!

 Here are a few snaps:

Cam is rightttt at the back having a swim in jellyfish water :/

Walking on beached is one of my favourite things to do

Restaurant with a view

Coming back to our hotel from yet ANOTHER amazing dinner

The view from one of our long walks...incredible


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